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Getting ready to start school today is dramatically different than it was when we were children in many ways. Children are more aware of the adult world, more sophisticated and certainly more aware of technology and the internet than was imaginable even a few years ago. So when preparing your child for preschool and kindergarten, we should be prepared that computers will play a large role in much of their early childhood education. From letter sounds to spelling tests, from research reports to science projects – there really is no portion of modern schooling that has not been affected by recent developments in computers and technology.To best understand what your child will learn about computers and the internet in their first years of education begin by visiting the school. When children begin preschool and kindergarten, computer technology is not taught as a subject area like language arts and mathematics. There are no tests about computer components or the inventors of the internet. However, being familiar with the purpose and general use of a standard desktop computer will be helpful for children when they are allowed access to the classroom computer, often a small-group activity at first.Today’s teachers are finding that many students come with a relatively high level of knowledge related to computer usage and the internet, while others have no exposure to any computer technology. Having computer experience is not yet a prerequisite for most toddlers starting school, however for children with experience using a mouse and keyboard, many of the early tasks they will accomplish with the computer will be easier than for those without any prior practice. When tasks are easier and more familiar, children generally enjoy them more and are able to go beyond the basics to get a head start on the fundamental skills being taught with the technology (rather than having to focus on just learning the technology).So how do you give your child the right amount of computer experience before school? Start by accurately assessing what they already know. Many parents are surprised by what their very young children are able to learn from their friends, the modern cartoons on television, and by watching mom and dad use the computer. School-aged children are generally eager to have a conversation with their parents related to how much they know about computers, even if it’s not entirely accurate.Spend time with your child on the computer discussing rules and demonstrating some fun, safe activities that can be done online, like:Visiting family-friendly websites
Searching for picture printables
Coloring online pictures
Completing fun skills quizzesTime spent using a computer mouse can help develop hand-eye coordination, while learning to use a computer keyboard is a great way to practice basic letter recognition skills and early spelling. By beginning to develop these skills when they are young, you will help your child be more confident during computer time in the first years of school.There are many other areas to consider when introducing modern computers to children, including online communications and internet safety. Part 2 of this article will discuss these and other more advanced topics further.

Spyware and Registry Cleaner – Learn to Easily Deal With It to Improve Your Computer’s Performance! – Computer Article

This article is about how to end slow PC with “spyware” and “registry repair”, to address or end slow computer conditions that may exist on your computer. It is important that you look at this problem not just for a quick fix but as a problem that needs to be understood. Then couple that understanding with a solution that we highly recommend that is effective and long term that you can control.This article is not written to address hardware failure, software failure or virus corruption conditions; there is a remedy for this category of problems as well.We expose secrets and give you important information to understand what’s happening so you can cure or end slow computer conditions and keep it running at a high level of performance for a long time. Later, you can click on the bottom of this article for more information on the solutions we explain further and recommend.If you are looking for a long-term, effective solution, you can find out how to handle the problem in a way where you take control of how your computer will satisfactorily support you when you need it to perform. It doesn’t take too much time, and the cost is minimal.Most people are not highly technical when it comes to computers. When it comes to spyware removal and registry repair it’s easy to just let the experts do most of the tweaking that needs to be done. It is very common for computer users to feel helpless when something happens, like having your keyboard lock up. Most computer users are not familiar with its technical aspects. Understanding why and how a computer slows down are one of them.Secret: The solution is easy.Step 1: Understand the concept.
Step 2: Apply the process (the software). and
Step 3: Repeat the process about every 15 to 20 days for maintenance.This process will keep things under control and always in the palm of your hand.When you bought your new computer, learning how to end slow computer conditions never entered your mind, it was nice and slick running. Opening a browser and surfing the Internet were fun, fast and exciting. It didn’t contain spyware and the registry was in good order. However, if you are surfing the net often, by the end of the first year your computer can start to show signs of slowing down. You might not notice it, but it’s already starting to happen. After a while, opening a web page can start to take longer and longer to do and downloading something can start to become frustrating. It can get frustrating enough that eventually you might decide to trash it.If your computer is about 4 years old, it is still useful in terms of its age. In terms of its components it still should be able to work quite well. Unless you’ve dropped it or damaged it in some way it could still be in good shape.So, “How or why does a computer slow down?”You might be asking yourself, “What did I do to cause it to slow down?” Then, “How can I end slow computer conditions?”A “slow computer condition” doesn’t develop overnight. The elements which cause this condition happens gradually, slowly but surely, over a few months of use. You pick up spyware here and there. The registry gets corrupt little by little. Surfing the net, sending and receiving e-mail, watching video, downloading programs and files, and playing games etc. all contribute to the congestion that will impact your computer’s performance. Even all the available, automatic computer updates and alerts that pop up on your computer will contribute to the problem. In addition, the security program that runs in the background continuously is a factor, if you have any installed. Think of all this activity as computer bloating, and we’ve only named a few.Fact #1. All you are guilty of doing is using your computer the way it was intended to be used. This is especially true with the bigger, faster, better, newer computers that are available with greater storage capacity, bigger memory, faster internet access speeds and downloads etc. What this means is that your fingers are on the buttons that control the flood gates to more activity on the Internet. You can click open as much as you want to participate in, which in turn will clog up your system. This is where it all begins. Got it? These are activities you want and do every day you are on the Internet. It just happens. This problem affects every computer user.Fact #2. There are other things that happen while you are involved on the Internet doing activities you want to do. These are things that slip in under the radar, while your desired activity is in process. This is typical of spyware. They are things that you are not aware of, and you wouldn’t want happening if you knew what they are doing at the moment. Many spyware software is designed to collect personal information or computer information to various degrees and much of it is done without your consent. Some of the spyware activity you actually accept as a condition of certain services which will allow the free service provider to display certain advertisements. This information gathering will sometimes be based on your personal habits and may include some sensitive information. Some spyware could make changes to your computer settings like change your home page choice, and can be annoying besides slowing down your computer which is annoying enough.Other writers have outlined some step-by-step instructions on how you can solve some of the problems manually yourself. If you are techie feel free to do it manually, your choice. We don’t recommend it for most people because even for the techie type it is a little precarious. We recommend that you get help to take care of the things that are too tedious for anyone to do manually because they are simply too numerous and overwhelming. You didn’t think you could do it all manually on your own did you? The average new computer as of the date of this writing has a memory of several gigabytes and storage of several hundred gigabytes. Working on 5 megabytes of data alone is a huge job manually.Secret: Don’t get frustrated. You can end slow computer! Do what you can and let the available software designed for the task do the rest of it. There are very reasonable software solutions available for spyware removal and registry repair, and you will be able to re-use it again and again because you’ll own it. Your computer can be brought back to a high level of performance each time. You should be on a 15 – 20 day maintenance schedule. Or use the software again when you can’t stand having a sluggish computer. You will end up using it again and again. You very likely won’t need to invest in a new computer, and you probably don’t need to take it to a repair shop. You can be in control of it!For additional informational on how to wake-up your computer do a keyword search on information such as Registry repair, Spyware removal, advanced defrag, complete uninstaller, clean-up of duplicate files and device driver check up.

Effective Planning and Implementation of Computer Technology in Schools – Computer Article

In today’s world, the workplace has been transformed. Computer technology is present to one degree or another in virtually every job or profession. To prepare students adequately for the workplace we must recognize that integrating computer technology into the classroom is essential. To execute this integration properly, careful planning must precede implementation. We must be prepared to explore different means of implementation inasmuch as there is no perfect system or a “one size fits all” software program. Each institution must decide to what degree they will implement technology and how quickly they will do so. It is also important to appeal to educational leaders for support as well as gathering preferences from both teachers and students.In his article, “Investing in Digital Resources” David McArthur explored the notion that the decision regarding whether or not to use technology as an educational medium has already been made. What must be done is plan carefully to ensure that the long-range goals of technology integration are properly served.The leaders in higher education must “plan for and invest in e-learning.” (McArthur, 2004, p3) E-learning has become an accepted method of education just as the “Web” has been accepted in business and at home. Integrating the newer technologies to supplement existing learning has become imperative. When planning is performed correctly, the educational environment should be able to use technologies to increase teacher/student communication, enhance faculty morale by use of an “on-line resource center,” (McArthur, 2004, p2) use web-based programs to enhance recruitment, and better prepare students for the workplace.There are potential problems that must be overcome when planning for technological integration. First, the technological options are myriad and only a few will be appropriate for a given school or college. Second, while many institutions become accustomed to the idea of augmenting their educational system via e-learning, it can be troublesome and radical.Some key issues in the potential success in the adoption of e-learning can include (but is not limited to) the school or college’s present computer network capacity, the willingness of the school’s leaders to support change, current or probable resources, the potential accessibility of the e-learning services by the students.In looking at a comprehensive long-range plan, there are a number of options available. One is “Staged Implementation.” (McArthur, 2004, p4) While the critical planning should be virtually complete, not all components of the final plan need be in place at the outset. A planned multi-year plan of implementation can be used. Not only does this allow for the development of resources, it is possible to troubleshoot elements as each stage progresses. Another is “Appropriate Outsourcing.” (McArthur, 2004, p4) Not every educational institution has the in-house resources (personnel, tools, equipment) to implement even a staged plan. Outsourcing can be both cost and time saving. While it may be difficult to convince some leaders of the potential advantage in outsourcing, especially since this type of expertise “is regarded as an educational core asset” (McArthur, 2004, p6), drawing comparisons to the business world may help to demonstrate the benefits.In his article, “Herding Elephants: Coping with the Technological Revolution in our Schools” Scott Tunison addressed the issues of: 1. the extents to which schools need to visit computer technology and 2. The tactics used to make the most of the potential advantages and diminish the potential pitfalls in the integration of the technology.His reference regarding “Herding Elephants” is allegorical to managing the coming technology and learning to “integrate it into the educational framework” or moving aside and letting the “technological revolution” pass by. (Tunison, 2004, p7) Either way, educational technology is not to be ignored and it cannot be allowed to manage itself.Fundamentally speaking, much of education is unchanged from long past. The methods that have been used were for the most part appropriate for the subject at hand. A perception might be that, if the concepts to be learned have not changed then a change in teaching method is not necessary. However, even if some of the concepts have not changed, the application context as well as the learners’ context has. While computers have entered the educational environment they often have been simple substitutes for other tools that already exist and are in place; tools such as blackboards, books, etc. What this means is that the process of learning remains unchanged when new uses for the available technology are not fully utilized.Educational reform is necessary if we are going to meet the needs of our students. If our culture has developed electronic media, animation, etc. then that is the context through which we must reach our students.The changes that must be made can make some educators uneasy. The learning paradigm must shift from the teacher as dispenser of knowledge to the student as active learner. Tunison cites Fullan (2001) in an identification of “three broad phases to the change process.” The phases are identified as “initiation, implementation, and institutionalization”Initiation involves some entity proposing directional change. Sometimes students ask for change and sometimes groups of teachers, administrators, and parents form committees to begin a planning process for technological integration.Institutionalization includes the perception of importance. One might say this is the stage of “damage control.” Clear policies, well trained teachers and administrators, and a supportive school board are crucial in this stage. It is important in this stage to record relevant data regarding the program for analysis. What was well planned and conceived may still have “bugs” to work out. The analysis of the data can assist in the “tweaking” of the program.Educators must be aware of the importance of technology in the educational environment and be prepared to integrate it. Technology is extensive in our contemporary culture and reaching our students must involve meeting their needs in the world they know. We may, in fact, reach more students and perhaps stem the tide of dropouts.In her article, “What Students Want to Learn About Computers” Judith O’Donnell Dooling, has informed the reader that students, parents, and administrators have specific preferences with regard to computer technology.Over time, the importance of computers and related technology has been realized. However, while spending for computers has risen, some schools have not been as successful in identifying specific computer skills and its power as a tool of learning and teaching.Student responses were varied. Many reported that they began learning about computers at an early age, usually from a more experienced person. Some students, especially in grades four through seven thought learning independently was the most enjoyable.Interestingly, students of both genders reported that they had a reasonable confidence in their computer abilities, but some differences in perception were evident. To a degree girls, but primarily boys, thought that computers were too technical for girls.The experience students had prior to school, the teacher, and computer access had a significant effect on student computer learning. Even if they, at home, had seen the computer more as a toy, they began to see them more as a tool in the school setting. They recognized the importance and power of the computer as their exposure increased.Perhaps unlike other subjects students learn in school, students exchanged computer tips, recommended hardware and software, and generally discussed the subject of computers during their lunchtime and recess.The students also saw the importance of computer knowledge as it related to its use in the workplace after their school experiences. They observed that, no matter where you work, you would be using computers to some degree.The teachers expressed the concern that not all shared the same proficiency. Many mentioned that often the students knew more than the teacher did. Teachers also observed that, though the students had a great deal of computer knowledge, it was often limited to games and software. Another observation was that computer curriculums vary greatly school to school.Teachers expressed that computer knowledge needs to be relevant. That is, it needs to be applied across the curriculum and used as an integral tool of learning. All agreed that the role of teacher needs redefinition and adequate professional development provided to facilitate the needed change.In conclusion, we have seen that computer technology in the educational setting is essential for learning in contemporary society. Selecting, planning, and implementing must be done with great care to avoid waste and potential incompatibility with the goals of the educational institution. School leaders must be convinced that paradigm shift is not an option; that teachers and students must assume new roles, and their support for new ideas is essential.We must also be able to meet students where they are. Our culture has created systems of technology to which students are accustomed. To continue teaching in an antiquated fashion does our students a disservice, especially if we are to prepare them for the workforce following their education. We must also be aware of teacher and student preferences if we are to expect them to fully utilize the new resources.

Examples of Computer Work From Home – Computer Article

Due to the sudden rise of technology, it is more likely for a lot of people to make money. People can easily find different jobs from home that can help them achieve a high income for themselves and their family. Housewives, students, and those who are unemployed can try their luck in these type of jobs.In this age of Facebook and Twitter, it’s all done online. That means more opportunities waiting for someone who has a good understanding of computer skills plus the power of excellent communication skills.Now, it’s easy to buy things online, read eBooks on your laptop’s PDF readers, and meet new friends around the world through social media sites and chat rooms. Tell me what is impossible? Online businesses are all over the web, and computer work from home jobs are paying jobs that are priceless for people without jobs.However, there are still some people who are not aware of these computer work from home jobs. Well, maybe some people are still not open to change or maybe just do not know yet. Well, whatever their reasons, I hope this article will give you an idea of an online job that you might want to try.Web designers and graphic artists
Web designers and graphic designers are the masters of code. They are the experts behind great web site designs and logos of many companies online and offline. They are essential in building web sites. Well, in this type of job there are thousands of openings every day. Online companies need independent web designers and graphic artists that can make their websites look professional, to date, and attractive enough to have a large number of visitors. This computer work from home has a monthly salary of around $ 300 to $ 3500.SEO specialists
However, this computer work from home is the one that has the highest demand nowadays. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And basically, his job is to advise clients on how to acquire higher page ranking, and how to promote their business to its customers.Writers
There are different types of writers and all can win big by just staying home and writing articles. Content writers are among the best team working from home. The reason is that they have to earn a college degree to write a good article. All you have to do is express yourself through writing and make sure you have good knowledge of the language used in creating the article. Writing articles is a computer work from home making $ 100 to $ 2000 per month.Online Masters
Teachers can also earn money online by teaching students from around the world. Teaching sessions are done through chat. This computer work from home can earn around $ 400 to $ 1500 per month.

How to Fix a Computer Clock? – Computer Article

Is your computer giving you heartburn? Is your computer clock acting funny and shows wrong time and date? Well, if you have answered yes to these questions then this article would definitely help you to fix your clock in matter of minutes.It is not very difficult to fix clock and you don’t need to be a computer expert to do so. Fixing the clock will help you in enabling the functionality of the softwares installed properly. You must ensure that your computer displays right time and date so that different installed programs and softwares can upgrade themselves easily from time to time. Most of the anti-virus softwares and internet programs stop working if the wrong date and time is displayed. Here are 7 easy steps through which you can quickly fix your clock:1. Right click at the clock icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.2. Now select “Adjust Date/ Time” option on the resulting window. You will see a small window popping up as you clicking on “Adjust Date/ Time” option.3. Now click on the “Change Date and Time” bar to fix your computer clock. As you do so, you will see another small window popping up with a calendar on its left hand side and a clock on its right.4. In order to set the time and date right, you will have to make the selection manually. Click on the present date. If you wish to change the month or year, you can do so by clicking on the right or left arrow displayed on the top of the calendar. To fill in the right time you can make use of the up/down arrow or enter the time manually.5. After choosing the date and the time, you have to click “OK”. The present window will disappear and you will return to the previous window. If you wish to change the time zone, click the change time zone tab displayed under the “Change Date and Time” tab.6. Choose the right time zone to fix your computer clock from the pull down menu. After you are done with the selection process, click on “Apply” tab to apply the changes made. Now click “OK”. (You can also take help from the computer by clicking on the “how do I set the clock and time zone” option which takes you to the information stored in the computer.)7. Once you click “OK”, the window will disappear and you will see right time and date displayed on computer screen.These easy to follow steps would help you to fix computer clock in matter of minutes. In future if you face similar problem again, you can follow the same steps to fix computer clock on your own easily. It is important to fix computer clock to get timely automatic updates on the softwares installed in it. Windows and other updates are made by your computer only if you keep it up-to-date and fix computer clock whenever it shows wrong time and date.

Scuba Diving Computers – Information You Need to Know About Dive Computers – Computer Article

If you are thinking of buying a scuba diving computer and want to find one that suits your needs, it is important for you to understand some basic dive computer fundamentals. This article is designed to help you make an educated decision when buying your scuba dive computer.Whenever you scuba dive, nitrogen will dissolve into your body’s tissue due to increased pressure. The deeper you dive the faster the nitrogen will dissolve in your body. If you do not keep this amount of nitrogen to acceptable levels you will increase the risk of getting decompression sickness.The scuba computer is one of the most important pieces of scuba gear which will help you monitor your dive time and depth. With the help of computers you will get far more out of your diving experience. You can constantly monitor your depth, ascent rate and bottom times and a scuba computer will automatically recalculate your decompression status, which permits longer dive times while avoiding the risks of no-decompression time. It is an especially important tool for when you will be doing multiple dives on a single day.Scuba computers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are wrist-mounted just like you wear a scuba watch whilst others fit into your instrument console. Certain higher end dive computers also have additional features which enable you to check how much air you have left in your cylinder whilst some models will also have an incorporated digital compass.When using your Scuba computer keep these following tips in mind:
Different brands of dive computers will have different time limits and identical models will also have slight variations. You and your buddy should follow your computer with more conservative times.
Each diver in a buddy team should have his own scuba computer. You and your buddy should not attempt to share a single computer.
If you want to take scuba diving to a whole new level then owning your scuba diving computer can provide you with real-time information that you can access to give a safer diving experience.Hope you have enjoyed this article on scuba computers. Be sure to read the complete article on dive computers at (c) 2010 – 2011 All rights reserved.

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer Without Breaking Your Wallet – Computer Article

Everyone wants a faster running computer and who can blame them? The main problem is people are not exactly sure what to do to get their computer running faster without spending a fortune on hardware and memory. Read this article and you will walk away with a faster computer without flattening your wallet!1. Turn off Peer to Peer TransfersFirst things first, these thing are a big drain on your computer’s memory. Uploading and downloading files on torrent and P2P slow down your computer and your Internet! Turn them on only when you really need to.Not to mention, they are notorious for carrying viruses, spyware and all kinds of other nasty things. Cyber thieves upload to these things are just waiting for you. Rootkits, spyware, and Trojans are sitting there waiting for you to download them. Once these viruses are on your computer, your computer is open for business. Then a slow computer is the least of your worries.2. Download Windows UpdatesAs much as you hate to do it, download the updates. Many times what is slowing down your computer is fixed by the updates. It may take some time (OK a long time) to update but it is worth it. It may even protect your computer from some nasty viruses that may be lurking out there.3. Run an Anti-Virus ProgramThis does not have to cost you anything. I personally use AVG, the free version. You may want to buy the upgrade or you can buy a different anti-virus program altogether. Norton is a good brand and so is McAfee. There are plenty of good anti-virus programs out there. Just get one. Frankly, I can’t believe anyone is surfing the web without one.4. Run Anti-Spyware and a Registry CleanerThese are going to cost you because you just can’t get good ones for free. Personally, I use RegZooka and SpyZooka. They come bundled at a cheaper price. I like them but others work well too.RegCure is another brand that works well. You really need to run something to keep your computer running smoothly. Otherwise, your computer is going to run at a snail’s pace.There you have it, four simple ways to speed up your computer without breaking the bank. No one likes to hear it cost money to speed their computer up but really, it only cost about $30 dollars. If you do these four things, your computer really will run much faster. Try it and you will see how well it really does work.

Home Online Business – The Home Computer – Computer Article

Since the late 1970′s when the first mass-produced personal computers hit the consumers, things changed fundamentally for the better. The new technology was a revolution and it spawned new innovations around it, for instance the internet. The technology has come along in leaps and bounds and today, the personal or home computer can perform a myriad of complex tasks all at the same time. For instance, apart from the more traditional tasks that a home computer was associated with such as word processing, running spreadsheets and computer games, you can now shop online, do your banking, make a video call, watch live TV and even order a movie of your choice and start watching it in a matter of seconds.The computing power has come along so much that today you can pack the power of a PC into a smart phone and tablet computers. So computing has become mobile, portable and very convenient. This computer power and innovation also allows anyone to open a virtual shop window to sell anything they want not only in their locality, or just in their country but worldwide. Just imagine the power at your fingertips: there are 9 billion people on this earth at this moment and time and most of them have access to a computer whether that is in the form of a traditional home computer or a mobile device or both. If only a small fraction of these people bought something from your virtual shop (your e-commerce website), you could get seriously wealthy. On top of this, the cost of running such a virtual shop as compared with a traditional bricks-and-mortars shop is negligible since there is no rent to pay and no staff to hire.Wow! you might say. So why doesn’t everyone do this? There must be a catch right? Well, anyone can and there are millions of people doing it either full-time or part-time. In order to create a successful online business there are certain rules to follow. The series of articles in this website will hopefully tell you which rules to follow. Best online business does not happen overnight even with top advice. Some research, tenacity and determination is also required on your part.Just like any successful business (this includes an online business) planning and the right strategy makes all the difference between success and failure. To give yourself a fighting chance, you must have at your disposal a good home computer with broadband internet access.If you feel your home computer could be performing much better but do not have the money to buy a replacement, then you should invest in a do-it-yourself computer. This will save you precious money and enable you to upgrade only those parts in your computer which you feel need upgrading.The software that runs your computer is just as important as the hardware in ensuring your computer is running to full capacity. The cost of replacing an old software can be prohibitively high. However there is an elegant solution that is free! This software is called Linux but you do need expert guidance in installing it.

Common Computer Virus – Trojans, Viruses and Worms – Computer Article

Do you know if your computer has been infect with a common computer virus? Anyone who spends enough time on the internet and uses their computer on a regular basis should be familiar with how to check if your computer has been infected. Heck the internet makes it very easy and inexpensive to protect yourself and your PC. This article is going to discuss some of the common computer virus and how it can affect you and your PC.No one likes to talk about viruses whether it is about a computer or a human; because encountering them is no fun. You have most likely heard the term “Trojan Horse” but what exactly is it and what does it man? A trojan horse is a common computer virus and it is a destructive program that masquerades as a harmless application. Unlike the normal viruses the trojan horse do not replicate themselves, but they are just as destructive as the viruses that do.You may not even know if you are encountering one of these viruses because they have been known to come in a program that promises to get rid of any viruses on your computer; and instead of removing any viruses it then infects your PC with a virus. That is the main reason you will read all over the internet about staying clear from applications that promise to remove viruses from your computer for free.Every time people are trying to get their registry clean they are constantly looking for a free way to do it; however beware any time you run into one of the free services. They may not be the safest way to clean out your PC.A computer worm is also like a virus but it comes attached to a file. As soon as the person opens up the file then it infects your PC. Unlike a virus that is passed on from PC to PC. The worm only infects the person who is opening up the attached file; this is why you will hear people telling you do not open up emails if you do not know who the sender is. If you have ever experienced a worm; then you know how quickly it will bring down your system; it does this by consuming great amounts of bandwidth and memory.Viruses on the other hand are like a human cold and can be spread from computer to computer. They come attached to a program or file. It infects the computer that it is installed on and then passed on to others via email, CD, other method. A virus is created by a human in order for it to be launched and delivered.Yes it can be pretty dangerous when you are doing things online; however you can protect yourself and your computer by performing routine maintenance. Once a month you should scan your computer to make sure that you have not picked up any viruses and to clean it and remove any clutter. Doing this alone will ensure that it is running smoothly and will also help you stay clear of anything that you may or may not have picked up while being online.If you found this article helpful; visit our site below. In just two minutes you can scan your PC to ensure that it is running smoothly and has not been infected by anything that can damage it.

Mares Icon HD Dive Computer Review – Computer Article

Often called the iPhone of the Dive computer world the Mares Icon HD is a very impressive Dive Computer with a full color LED display and a very diver friendly interface and is a rechargeable by usb or mains adapter.The Mares Icon HD has a fantastic LED clear color display same like you would get on a computer screen or even a television it really is clear, crisp, and fully self illuminated. It is operated by 4 push buttons which are large enough to be able to easily use while wearing dive gloves. Each button is clearly marked and each operates through the modes which are settings, compass, user info, logbook, maps, photos etc.The Mares Icon HD is fully computer compatible, and you enter the user info via a PC, with the software that is provided with your purchase. You can download dive site maps, you can even store your favorite marine life photos onto the Icon HD and use it during your dive for fish identification.The computer is a normal air computer, but also doubles as a Nitrox computer offering 3 different air mixes per dive, you can also easily set it using the very clear and bright led display that is a piece of cake to operate and scroll through.The display is very clear and is in stunning FULL COLOR, which is really impressive. You can easily switch through the modes during dives using the easy controls and switch between compass mode and graphical representation of your dive profile.To take a real time look at the Mares Icon HD there is a great video you can take a look at by clicking the link at the end of this article.This computer works using the Wienke rgbm algorithm which has very acceptable no stop times and deco requirements and is not too conservative unlike some lesser computers on the market.Overall this is really a stunning computer easy to operate and one of the clearest bright displays on any Dive computer. To get a $300 discount off the regular retail price or to find out detailed specs Click Here